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The ‘Algarve Crime Thriller’ Series of Novels

Book ONE   - The Mijas Murderer - 271 Pages

Book Two - The Faro Forger - 224 Pages

Book Three - The Salzburg Suicides - 320 Pages

Book Four - The Cairo Conspiracy - 345 Pages

The Stand Alone ‘One Off’ Novels

Book - Whatever it takes! - 325 Pages

Book - The fourth Richest Man in the World - 791 Pages

Book - The JFK Report - 234 Pages

All of these books can be read in any order and each one is a complete novel

Books currently underway by the author

‘The Paris Poisoner’

Book Five in the Algarve Crime Thriller Series

‘The AAU’

A stand alone novel about fighting worldwide corruption

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The Algarve Crime Thriller Series

The Mijas Murderer    ASIN: B07L5SYR5X    £3.53

The Faro Forger    ASIN: B07P911LSK    £3.49

The Salzburg Suicides    ASIN: B087D1P7NV    £4.01

The Cairo Conspiracy    ASIN: B087G98WX2    £4.05

Stand Alone Novels

The JFK Report    ASIN: B07QM75CQC    £3.46

Whatever it takes!    ASIN: B087JZTHV5    £4.04

The Fourth Richest Man in the World    ASIN: B087MDG5GK    £4.04


The Algarve Crime Thriller Series

The Mijas Murderer    ASIN: 1947353780    271 Pages    £11.99

The Faro Forger    ASIN: 1641821183    224 Pages    £16.99

The Salzburg Suicides    ASIN: B087L4KCBB    320 Pages    £10.45   

The Cairo Conspiracy    ASIN: B087H8WKN4    345 Pages    £11.38

Stand Alone Novels

The JFK Report    ASIN: 1643782126    234 Pages    £17.99

Whatever it takes!    ASIN: B087S87H2R    325 Pages    £12.05

The Fourth Richest Man in the World    ASIN: B087LXPS57    791 Pages    £21.69


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The Algarve Crime Thriller Series


The First of the Algarve Crime Thriller Series

Michael Turner, a successful young crime writer living in the Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal, discovers his friend has been brutally murdered and Michael suddenly finds himself being asked to solve a real life murder. He recruits his best friend, Doctor Samantha Clark, and working with Interpol and both the British and Portuguese police, they go undercover and set about solving what becomes a complex case, taking them from Portugal to the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa and the Bahamas.


The Second of the Algarve Crime Thriller Series

Michael Turner is a successful crime and travel writer, and part time police consultant, living in the Algarve region of southern Portugal with his fiancé Dr Samantha Clark, ex-police surgeon now running her own medical practice. They are approached by Interpol, and are asked to help them in their world-wide search for the mysterious Faro Forger. Travelling through the UK, the south of France, Monaco, the USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman, they find themselves involved in all manner of nefarious activities. They link up again with several old acquaintances from their last case ‘The Mijas Murderer’, and set out to unmask the mysterious and elusive Faro Forger.


The Third of the Algarve Crime Thriller Series

Michael Turner is a successful crime writer and part time police consultant,
who lives in the Algarve with his wife Sam, an ex-police surgeon and private doctor. Sam is informed by the Salzburg police that her ex flat mate has committed suicide, but Sam refuses to believe it, and she and Michael head off to Austria setting out to prove it just has to be murder. Sam turns out to be correct, and the hunt for the murderer begins. Their enquiries take them to Austria, the UK, Malta, Poland, Rome, San Juan in Puerto Rico and numerous other locations. Working closely with their Interpol colleagues, London’s Metropolitan police and the Salzburg police, they run into one blind alley after another in trying to trace and arrest the murderer who seems to be able to change their appearance at will.


The Fourth of the Algarve Crime Thriller Series

The UK government is to say the least worried. They suspect a conspiracy is
being planned by terrorists from three Middle Eastern countries, with the
suspected aim of wreaking total havoc in numerous European and US cities.
The conspirators meetings all take place in Cairo, and the government needs to know what is being planned, and that means getting their own people working on the inside. Unfortunately, the terrorists would recognize all of the UK’s agents in both MI5 and MI6, and it’s no use trying to bring in the CIA or Mossad, as they would recognize their agents as well. So the call goes out to Michael Turner and his wife Sam, who have both worked undercover several times with Interpol and the police. However, they are warned by the Prime Minister that if they do decide to take it on, this assignment will be by far the most dangerous they will have ever faced or have ever been involved with.

Stand Alone Novels


November 22nd 1963 - President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated
as he was riding with his wife Jackie alongside him, in an open top motorcade along Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. According to the Warren Commission’s Report, JFK had been shot and killed by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. The majority of people around the world found the final conclusions of the Warren Commission’s Report completely incredulous and quite frankly totally unbelievable. In fact, the report was soon dubbed ‘the greatest work of fiction ever published’, and to this day there has never been a definitive explanation of what happened that day that has managed to satisfy everyone. JFK was the first, last and only Roman Catholic ever to hold the office of President of the United States, and most people would have thought a Roman Catholic President in the White House would be wonderful news for the Church of Rome. But in the Vatican, Pope John XXIII was not at all pleased by the news of the young JFK’s success.

He saw JFK with his numerous illicit affairs and sexual dalliances as a massive threat to the good name, teachings, reputation and above all, the moral guidance of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church.
So, with great reluctance, Pope John XXIII made his decision.


The Return of the cold War

After Brexit and once the UK had at last left the European Union, Scotland demanded and were eventually granted a second referendum on their independence, which the vast majority of Scots voted for. The Welsh then demanded the same opportunity, and they too left the UK. The Irish then reunited, with the north and the south becoming a single unified country.
So there is now no United Kingdom anymore and no Great Britain, just England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Four totally independent countries, who apart from England all later re-joined the European Union, and having been given no choice by Brussels, they all now have the Euro as their national currency. England stands alone in retaining the pound.

There are now just two political parties surviving in England: The reformed ‘Conservative and Royalist Party’ and the ‘Republican Labour Party’.
After the sad death of her husband and following a period of prolonged ill health, Queen Elizabeth II issued a royal decree announcing her abdication, decreeing that the crown would pass directly to her eldest grandson, who became King William V, with his wife Katherine officially becoming Queen. Prince Charles had reluctantly agreed to his mother’s wishes providing he remained a royal prince, and kept all his various titles and estates.

There has also been great change in Europe with the ‘European Union’ becoming the new ‘United Federal States of Europe’. Once the German Chancellor Angela Merkel had retired from politics, France became the most powerful force within Europe, with the ‘European Central Bank’ now being renamed the ‘Federal Bank of Europe’ with its headquarters having moved from Frankfurt to Paris. Emmanuel Macron, having served two full terms as President retired and he now lives in Monaco. The new French President, a fanatical Europhile, has been the dominant force in pushing forward a new French / German proposal that every citizen of the new U.F.S.E (United Federal States of Europe) should in future pay all their income tax direct to the U.F.S.E instead of to their respective member countries. The proposal then states that the U.F.S.E commissioners then decide on the allocation of the funds to all ‘member states’. This then is the current state of Europe.

But for all of Europe, the biggest danger by far is the ongoing rise of Russia, who are now reinstating every aspect of the cold war, and whose leader, Vladimir Putin has now been appointed ‘President for life’, and he is determined to make Russia the world’s major and most dominant power.


A World War Two Novel

It is 1936, and Simon Travis, just 32 years old and the only son and heir to his families incredible fortune, has just been made aware that he has suddenly become the fourth richest man in the world on the sad and most unexpected death of his father. Simon is not really interested in personally running the vast business empire he has inherited, and he is more than happy to leave it in the hands of the various boards of directors. Instead he arranges a private meeting with his father’s best friend and the man his father most admired in the world - Winston Churchill.

After undertaking a scary fact-finding trip to Germany, fearing war, and wanting to do everything he can to help his country, Simon decides to use his incredible newfound wealth to set up an undercover team of research designers and engineers to come up with the very best ideas in technology to offer the country.

Simon recruits his best friend from their Oxford University days, the best young brains he can find, and at Winston’s suggestion team of highly experienced military operatives to carry out the various missions. Simon and Winston work together without the restrictions of having political masters to report to, no military hierarchy to interfere, no unending paperwork and above all, everything can be accomplished in total secrecy. 

From Simon’s very private and secure location, he and Winston who is always available on the end of the telephone, work together on numerous projects throughout the six years of the Second World War.