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The first of Trevor's 'one off' books is a novel entitled ‘The Fourth Richest Man in the World’, and it tells the story of Simon Travis, who is just thirty two years old when he discovers he has inherited an incredible fortune on the sudden and most unexpected death of his father. It is the mid nineteen thirties, and with the threat of Hitler on the horizon, Simon goes to see the man his father most admired in the world, Winston Churchill. Although not everybody’s favourite politician at the time, Simon and Winston immediately hit it off, and he gets the promise of help and encouragement he needs from Winston. Having just become the fourth richest man in the world, Simon decides to use this incredible new found wealth for the good of the country, working in secret with a team of the best young brains he can recruit.

Trevor has a new novel out and now available entitled 'The JFK Report', and it has already received rave comments in pre-publication reviews. The book offers a new and interesting slant on the JFK assassination. 'The JFK Report' will find you asking yourself : Is Trevor's version of the assassination just pure fiction, or as several people have commented, this makes far more sense than the Warren Commission's report ever did, and so could it possibly be what really happened way back on November the 22nd 1963?

As is normal for Trevor, he is currently working on several new books at the same time. The first of these is a new novel entitled 'Death of a Kingdom' in which the book is set in a future where Brexit has finally happened, the UK has been broken up and England's official opposition and Marxist party is determined to abolish the Monarchy while colluding with Russia.

Trevor is currently hard at work writing a novel telling the story of the White Star Line. Under threat from Cunard with their two new ships, the Mauretania and the Lusitania, White Star decides it's time to build brand new large passenger liners of their own; RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic, and we all know what happened next ! Or do we ?

Trevor is also working on a book provisionally entitled ‘Forget the Politics – Use Common Sense’. The title speaks for itself, and Trevor's ideas for a more sensible approach to a lot of the world's problems may upset politicians, but Trevor's view is simple : There's politics, and then there's common sense !

Trevor has also used his many years of experience to write a ‘Guide for Setting Up and Running Church Music Groups’. This was originally a request from a church leader in south London that wanted some tips on how to go about finding musicians and singers, and then getting them to work together. It then just sort of snowballed. This book is only available as a download, and please click on the relevant front cover photograph for details.

Trevor and his wife still live in the Algarve, when not travelling the world looking for potential new locations for his books and novels.



It is 1936, and Simon Travis, just thirty two years old and the only son and heir to his father's incredible fortune has just become the fourth richest man in the world on his father’s sad and unexpected death. Simon decides he is not interested in running his father’s business empire, and he arranges a meeting with the man his father most admired in the world - Winston Churchill. Fearing war, and wanting to do what he can to help, Simon decides to use his incredible wealth to set up a team of research designers and engineers to come up with the very best ideas in technology to offer the country. Recruiting the best young brains he can find, and a team of highly experienced operatives to carry out the missions, Simon and Winston work together in secret on numerous projects throughout the six years of the Second World War.

Completed manuscript with the publishers
Provisional Publication Date: Early 2019, exact date to be advised



On November the 22nd 1963, US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated as he was riding in an open top motorcade along Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. According to the Warren Commission’s Report, JFK had been shot and killed by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. The majority of people around the world found the final conclusions of the Warren Commission’s Report completely incredulous and quite frankly, totally unbelievable. In fact, the report was soon dubbed ‘the greatest work of fiction ever published’. To this day there has never been a definitive explanation of exactly what happened on Dealey Plaza that has managed to satisfy everyone.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first, last and only Roman Catholic ever to hold the office of President of the United States, and most people looking on would have thought that having a Roman Catholic President in the White House would have been wonderful news for the Church of Rome. But in the Vatican itself, the current incumbent Pope John XXIII was not at all pleased by the result, and he saw JFK with his numerous illicit affairs as a threat to the good name, teachings, reputation and above all, the moral guidance of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church.
Pope John XXIII made his decision.

Comments made about ‘The JFK Report’ in pre-publication reader reviews

‘Trevor Holman has come up with the most preposterous idea yet, and then made it seem entirely feasible.’
‘The perfect page turner.’
‘The unbelievable - now totally believable.’
‘Faction at its best.’
‘Frederick Forsyth style narrative, wrapped within Robert Harris style research, and all encompassed in a Dan Brown style plot. Brilliant!’
‘Sadly, I really do believe it could have happened - just like this.’
‘Wonderful narrative.’
‘I could oh so easily believe this!’
‘Yet another really great book the Catholic Church will utterly despise, and will no doubt try to get banned’
‘A fantastic idea, fantastically written.’
‘This makes far more sense than the Warren Commission’s Report ever did.’
‘It really isn’t the Roman Catholic Churches year.’
‘I can see the film now, a guaranteed box office hit.’
‘This is my kind of book.’
‘I don’t like it - I love it!’

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At 11.40 pm on the 14th of April 1912, RMS Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. More than 1,500 of the ship’s estimated 2,224 passengers and crew died, making it one of the worst accidental maritime disasters in modern history. At least, that’s the version we’ve all been told.

At the time, the White Star Line was facing an increasing challenge from its main rivals; Cunard, which had recently launched two new liners :The Lusitania and the Mauretania, the two fastest passenger ships in service, plus growing competition from the two German lines; Hamburg America and Norddeutscher Lloyd.

Bruce Ismay, White Star’s Chairman sought an upgrade in their fleet, primarily in response to the Cunard giants, but also to replace their oldest pair of passenger ships. Those ships were the SS Teutonic, built in 1889, and SS Majestic of 1890. SS Teutonic was to be replaced by RMS Olympic, while SS Majestic was to be replaced by RMS Titanic.

We all know what happened next : Or do we ?

Now well into the narrative and really enjoying the research.
Provisional Publication Date: Spring 2019, exact date to be advised.



Every country in the world has problems, or should I more accurately say, every country’s citizens have problems. But most of these problems are in my opinion self-inflicted by the various governments and the politicians that make up those governments. I firmly believe that the sort of problems I’m referring to are for the most part reasonably simple to solve if the will to do so is there, but sadly it appears that in a lot of cases it’s not.

I also happen to believe that most politicians and business leaders in the various areas of life and business I’m referring to, frequently make life difficult for their citizens by over complicating everything, or in the case of businesses, confusing their customers. Everything politicians do seems to be aimed at ensuring that particular politician’s viewpoint is either supported or enforced, irrespective of the will of the people and in the commercial world nothing seems to be more important than increasing the various businesses bottom line. There seems to be very few people looking after, and doing what is best for the private citizen or the individual customer.

It is my belief governments, be it current governments around the world, or any future governments voted in, or as is the case in many countries - forced upon their citizens, could all very easily do their bit if only they’d only ignore the politics and use common sense.

Well over half way, but still a lot more to say
Provisional Publication Date: Summer 2019, exact date to be advised



How often have you listened to a fantastic worship CD or been to a Christian event such as Spring Harvest, sat there listening to the music group or worship band leading the singing and then thought to yourself ‘Why can’t we have worship like that on Sundays at our church’. Well the good news is most churches can - they just don’t realise it

During the last 40 years I have instigated, set up or been involved with a music group or worship band in every church I’ve attended and in every case bar none, the majority of the members of the band were already sitting in the congregation when I first arrived at the church. You don’t have to wait for Stuart Townend, Graham Kendrick or Tim Hughes to move to your church before you start to do something about it. But that is the key.

You have to do something about it. It won’t just happen of its own accord.

Completely finished
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