Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman is English, being born in south London where he was both raised and educated. Trevor worked principally in London for many years, firstly as a professional musician, mostly based in recording studios, and then needing a change of direction Trevor joined an advertising agency. Liking the industry and working his way up, Trevor finally spent several years as an account director, looking after several blue chip companies in one of London’s top advertising agencies. After meeting his future wife, Trevor then moved to Norfolk where he set up his own advertising agency with a business partner, and after many years of working in advertising he then reverted back to his first love – music, building his own recording studio. For most of that time Trevor was also serving in court as a magistrate.

In 2003 Trevor and his wife Frances decided to move to the Algarve region of southern Portugal, opening his own recording studio. Trevor later began a fruitful collaboration with a very talented lyricist, and over the following six years the two of them wrote in excess of one hundred songs. Included on that list are four complete stage musicals, based around the lives of ‘Sir Winston Churchill’, ‘Napoleon Bonaparte, Admiral Lord Nelson & the Duke of Wellington’, ‘Al Capone’ and ‘The Apostle Paul’.

Trevor is now concentrating full time on his writing career, and is currently working on a series of novels known as ‘The Algarve Crime Thrillers’ plus several ‘stand alone’ books.

‘The Algarve Crime Thrillers’ is a series of easy to read novels, which sees two amateur sleuths, Michael Turner, a crime novelist, and Dr Samantha Clark, an ex police surgeon, work closely with both the UK police and Interpol, tackling various crimes that end up taking them all over the world.

The series starts with ‘The Mijas Murderer’ and continues with the second novel ‘The Faro Forger’ which carries on from where ‘The Mijas Murderer’ finished. The third novel in the series, ‘The Salzburg Suicides’ is now completed with Trevor currently working on ‘The Cairo Conspiracy’. Keeping the series going, and developing the characters Trevor has already mapped out the plots for books five and six in the series ; ‘The Paris Poisoner’ and ‘The Albanian Assassin’.

The first of the ‘Stand Alone’ books is a novel entitled ‘The Fourth Richest Man in the World’ and it tells the story of Simon Travis, who is just thirty two years old when he discovers he has inherited an incredible fortune on the sudden and most unexpected death of his father. It is the mid nineteen thirties, and with the threat of Hitler on the horizon, Simon goes to see the man his father most admired in the world, Winston Churchill. Although not everybody’s favourite politician at the time, Simon and Winston immediately hit it off, and with the promise of help and encouragement from Winston, Simon decides to use his incredible new found wealth for the good of the country, working in secret with a team of the best young brains he can recruit.

Trevor is also working on a book provisionally entitled ‘Forget the Politics – Use Common Sense’. It promises to be quite controversial in the ideas for dealing with some of the worlds problems.

Trevor has also written a ‘Guide for Setting Up and Running Church Music Groups’. This is only available as a download, and please click on the relevant front cover photograph for details.

Trevor and his wife still live in the Algarve, when not travelling the world looking for potential new locations for the novels.